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  • Wednesday, October 27--Stephen Morel, JurisDeed--Louisiana Legislative Update--Stephen is back to give us an update on the 2021 Legislative Session.

  • Wednesday, November 10--Matthew Roth, Allen Vellone Wolf Helfrich & Factor PC--Colorado Tax Lien Purchases--Matthew Roth explains how to purchase tax liens in Colorado.

  • Wednesday, December 8--Randy Saunders, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough--Kentucky Tax Liens--Randy returns to give us an in-depth look at Kentucky tax liens.

"I watched my first episode about Illinois and I was very impressed! It was extremely informative and literally mirrored what my first step would be and the questions I would ask when first considering going into a new state. These videos will be valuable resources for companies contemplating expanding into unfamiliar markets." - Samantha Ott, Adair Asset Management

"It was great watching the interview you did with Bev Abrahams. It answered a lot of questions that I think many small and medium sized operators have that never get answered. I will be joining the upcoming episodes even though we do not play in those jurisdictions. You never know. " - Charles F. Gormly, Attorney and Investor

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"I attended the talk on Arizona tax liens by Mark Manoil last week. I found Mark’s presentation very helpful and the interaction of Brian along with Mark was excellent." - Austin B. Barnes, III, Attorney at Law

"Tax Sale Insiders is extremely helpful! I learned a lot from Mark Manoil, the attorney in Arizona and Deborah Feldstein, the attorney in New Jersey. I'd love more episodes!" - Julia Zhu, Investor

"Through your NJ Foreclosure webinar I corrected a misunderstanding I had on when you needed to foreclose to recover a premium paid. I had believed the foreclosure had to be initiated in 5 years, and learned in the webinar my premium could have been forfeited, since the foreclosure needs to be completed within 5 years." - Benjamin Fleck, Investor