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"Your webinars are ALWAYS very Informative and Interesting. Always look forward to attending them." - Winston Dottin, Investor

"I attended the talk on Arizona tax liens by Mark Manoil last week. I found Mark’s presentation very helpful and the interaction of Brian along with Mark was excellent." - Austin B. Barnes, III, Attorney at Law

"Tax Sale Insiders is extremely helpful! I learned a lot from Mark Manoil, the attorney in Arizona and Deborah Feldstein, the attorney in New Jersey. I'd love more episodes!" - Julia Zhu, Investor

"Through your NJ Foreclosure webinar I corrected a misunderstanding I had on when you needed to foreclose to recover a premium paid. I had believed the foreclosure had to be initiated in 5 years, and learned in the webinar my premium could have been forfeited, since the foreclosure needs to be completed within 5 years." - Benjamin Fleck, Investor

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